Сознательно не стал переводить текст Рубена. Думаю и так все понятно

I had my eye out on the forecast for a couple of days, as it was all over the news with warnings going out for some big waves and winds!
Last night I couldn’t sleep so well, I could only think of waking up and cruising to the beach to see an epic rough sea and a full blaster of wind!! ?

Woke up at 8.30 and drove straight to the beach, it didn’t look like the way I dreamed it. The sea was blown out quite a bit, or the tide was just not working with me.

I mean there was wind and definitely some waves, but it was just hard to time.

I gave Dave a ring to see what he was up to, haha, as usual he was also not able to sit still with crazy weather like this.

So he cruised my way, with in the back of our minds that I might not go because of my ankle.

We had some nice breakfast at my place and headed to the beach.

My adrenaline was up and I just needed to get my ass wet. It had been a while, so many physio sessions and gym kainers. It was lovely to get out there on my seven meter Fuel and ride!! ?

After my first tag I turned around and was sorting myself comfortable, all of a sudden I get a big yank and faceplant, then got dragged like ten meters underwater, haha!! My kite got caught by a wave and totally destroyed the thing. What a deal.

Swimming was still good tho, just washed myself in and tumbled around a few times.

Max was on the beach with his car so he picked me up and drove me back upwind. That was nice, I was in the mood for some more airtime.

So I had my 5mtr left and just enjoyed a nice session. It wasn’t huge, but I had some fun. After a while I couldn’t feel my feet anymore, but the ankle seemed to hold up pretty well. ?

Now I’ll take a break until we head to the Philippines to focus on the Wakestyle side of the sport.

Munching some nice chicken at the Mystic HQ.

Just wait for me to hit Cape Town, we’ll get it on!

Boooom…Enjoy your day.



Фото Denni van Huis / Mystic

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  1. Толян 8 лет тому назад

    шикарные фото. Видео бы еще посмотреть этого действа

  2. Дмитрий Дворецкий 8 лет тому назад

    LEN 10 красава
    видео видео подайте к столу

  3. Игорь 8 лет тому назад

    Парни видео не нашел. Может если кто нароет кидайте ссылку.

  4. Артём 8 лет тому назад

    видео тут… http://vimeo.com/17073148

  5. Влад 8 лет тому назад

    дааааа!!!! посмотришь аж дух захватывает !


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