In this section we would like to consider the key points, rules and methods of self-learning in Snowkiting. Writing a superficial notion of this very dangerous and traumatic sport. This handbook can only clarify the situation and the basis Snowkiting, so I want to say right away that everything you do after reading this material, you do at your own risk! Progressing slowly, with a little kite to a larger. From the training kite. From a light wind. Do not neglect the helmet and body armor. The entire body must be protected! The head, back, chest, knees and so on. And you must demand this from your friends. Snowkite has a very negative practice with regard to injuries in riding and freestyle. No wonder what kitesurfing (general) — is a sport for thinking people. When you taking a kite bar, you become the pilot. Pilot who can control your small airship. And, please, be careful, sky does not forgive mistakes.

In this tutorial we will try to describe almost everything you need to know about Snowkiting. Safe and easy! We will understand the terminology and incomprehensible to beginners names, abbreviations and names of equipment. The main issues will be considered: choice of equipment, safety, place for riding, kite control,  free-riding and jumping. You should always understand what you are doing, in order not to cause accidents. You must always anticipate the situation.

Hardly anyone thought that Snowkiting so quickly win the hearts of people. Symbiosis kite with a winter ski equipment (downhill skiing, snowboarding) called Snowkiting. Today Snowkiting one of the fastest growing winter sport enjoyed by thousands of people around the world! There are three main areas Snowkiting: Freeride (riding in a free style), freestyle (jumps, stunts) and kite-cross (races on speed). Snowkiting is very easy to learn and has great potential for enjoyment. If, for example, you like a long journey or expedition using a kite you can make trips over longer distances. Also, if you love the mountain slopes, you can enjoy the boundless expanse of untouched moving with a kite. If you a professional snowboarder or skier rolling around in the park, using the kite you can make higher jumps and tricks that we were previously only dreamed of. And skiers and snowboarders who have relatively little experience riding quickly learn Snowkiting. Large expanses of windy, whether fields, frozen lakes, will give you a sense not comparable to a mountain riding. But we strongly recommend you learning Snowkiting with a qualified instructor in your area, as it is a very dangerous sport!

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