Finally you have decided on the equipment and got it. We discuss a little place where we can best learn and ride. The best kite spot are large areas covered with snow and windy. This is where the best first steps. In pursuit of steady wind exclude sites with possible areas of turbulence.Wind passing through the structure, stand-alone objects, terrain is changing transforming into gusts, turbulence. Such impulses can instantly change the thrust of the snake, which can lead to a loss of control and injury. If you are a beginner and just learn to control the kite, then rush you can lift up and hit the ground. Avoid places with strong zones of turbulence. It is believed that the «pure» wind starts at a distance of 250-300 meters from the objects down the wind. But all this is subjective and subject to individual assessment of the terrain. turbulence Also avoid riding near trees, bushes, buildings, roads, fences and power lines. Any third-party site is potentially dangerous! Riding in such places be 100% confident in their abilities and actions. Very good place for skiing can be considered great plains, plateaus, fields, and have stood the lake. Usually there are no large pockets of turbulence and there is even wind. Also, look for a safe entrance to the place of skiing. Avoid skating on fresh ice and near open water. Sometimes the best spots are located in places where it is not possible to drive up at all. Be prepared for pedestrian walks. Talk with local kiter and they will tell all about the next spot. To make it easier to determine the choice of place of training and riding, we made a special page to publish the spots in your area. Look at it can be here when do not you can set out alone. Wind speed is difficult to determine the beginning «in the eye. It is better to use an anemometer. This device, which determines the speed of the wind. Also, we provide a table to approximate the wind speed.

Wind strength (points) Name wind Average wind speed, m/s (km/h) Signs of the definition of wind power
0 Calm 0-0,2 (<1) Smoke rises vertically, the leaves of trees are motionless. Mirror smooth sea.
1 1 Gentle breeze 0,3-1,5 (1-5) Smoke deviates from the vertical direction, the sea light ripples, no foam crests. The height of waves up to 0,1 m.
2 Light wind 1,6-3,3 (6-11) Wind felt face, leaves rustle, wind vane begins to move, at sea, short-wave maximum height of 0,3 m.
3 Gentle breeze 3,4-5,4 (12-19) The leaves and thin branches of trees swaying, swaying slightly flags, chop on the water, occasionally find a small flock of sheep. Average wave height 0,6 m.
4 Moderate wind 5,5-7,9 (20-28) Wind raises dust, paper, thin branches of trees swaying, the white sheep of the sea can be seen in many places. The maximum height of waves up to 1,5 m.
5 Fresh breeze 8,0-10,7 (29-38) Swaying branches and thin trunks of trees, the wind felt his hand, everywhere visible white sheep. The maximum wave height 2.5 m, average — 2 pm
6 Strong wind 10,8-13,8 (39-49) Sway thick branches of trees, thin trees bend, humming telephone wires, umbrellas used with difficulty, the white foam crests occupy large areas, formed spray. Maximum wave height — up to 4 m, average — 3 pm
7 Strong wind 13,9-17,1 (50-61) Swinging tree trunks and large branches bend, it is difficult to go against the wind, the crests of waves thwarted by the wind. The maximum height of waves up to 5,5 m.
8 Very strong wind 17,2-20,7 (62-74) Break thin and dry twigs of trees, say the wind can not go against the wind is very difficult. High sea. The maximum height of waves up to 7,5 m, average — 5,5 m.
9 Storm 20,8-24,4 (75-88) They bend beyond breaking big trees, wind tore tiles from roofs, very high sea, high waves (maximum height — 10 m, average — 7 m).
10 Strong gale 24,5-28,4 (89-102) Significant structural damage, wind fells trees and takes them to the root surface of the sea white with foam, strong waves roar like a shock, very high waves (maximum height — 12,5 m, average — 9 m).
11 Violent storm 28,5-32,6 (103-117) There is very rare. Accompanied by the destruction of large areas. At sea exceptionally high waves (maximum height — up to 16 m, average — 11,5 m), smaller vessels sometimes hidden from view.
12 Hurricane Over 32.6 (> 117) — —

Do not use the kite in the wind exceeding the acceptable value claimed by the manufacturer. Beginners kiteboarders comfortable breeze will be 3-5 m/s, which is already possible to begin the movement. For comparison: for the movement of water needed from wind 6-8 m/sec. But again it all depends on your level of experience and equipment. Do not learn Snowkiting in the wind more than 6-8 m/sec. Always start training with a smaller snake of your equipment. In bright sunny weather is easier to learn snowkite, in a blizzard you can lose visibility and control over the kite.Learn approximate weather forecast in the area of your skiing and plan your trips in accordance with it. Always say where you are going to friends and relatives. Charge your phone and store it in a warm place in the body, as in the cold batteries are discharged more quickly. Before training to check all your pockets were closed. In the priority has always put common sense.

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