p2290029_119By running the kite in the wind window, move it to the zenith (overhead 12 hours). If you run a kite for the first time, it is better if it is aerobatic kite maximum area of up to 3 square meters! The principle of management by the serpent is very simple. Its management was management bar. Grasp the bar with the left hand side of the colored (red, yellow, each manufacturer of paints its own bar), and the right of the black side. This is done so that you do not lose control of the kite, for example, after the fall you can take on the wrong side of planks. Do not change your hand position on the bracket, even if your twisted straps. Office brushes — a bending and unbending arms at the elbows. You stretch back straps and distort the kite, compared with control gusenechnoy equipment, tractors. Bend arm to her exactly as well as open the door. Do not strip the rotational motion, as while driving. Do not pull the bar to the side. This is not working! Under the influence of the left side of the bars kite will fly you to the left, acting on the right side, right. First try as soon as more accurate to translate the kite from 12 o’clock to the left for example to 11 hours, pulling the left side of the strip. After a little effort, release the bar, working in advance, as the kite will carry your team with a slight delay. Pulling the bar for the right side of the kite will fly right. Also working to forestall translate kite for 1 hour. Then try to force the snake to slide along the edge of wind window. From 9 o’clock to 3 and vice versa. Do not translate kite sharply through the zenith (12 hours). This could trigger a vertical thrust and loss of control. Make sure that the kite was moving as slowly as possible. In this regard, the kite will create a minimal traction. Faster flying kite, the more traction it creates. Try to stop the kite anywhere in the edge of the wind window. We land the kite harder to control due to lower wind and turbulence. Pull the bar on myself when I found the kite at the zenith, and look at the reaction of the snake. Pulling the bar to her you will increase traction. So how do you stretch back straps and close the dome of the snake to the wind. Letting go of the bar from a draft will be minimal. Also, pulling the bar to a thinner you’ll be able to control the kite and the reaction time will be minimal. This requires moving the bar to yourself, to feel the tension of the rear straps. In the future you do it intuitively. Traction can also be adjusted with the trimeter di-Power is located on the front lines kite. Slipping trimmer to her, the kite will lose traction, more power to release the trimmer away. It is necessary to adjust the power of the kite to the wind, for example, when the wind you a lot. In comparison with the vehicle trimmer is a gearbox, a bracket is the gas pedal. First you make the speed, and later control the accelerator.

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