Snowkiting is a winter sports, so the cold weather and strong winds can lead to disastrous consequences for the rider. In this section we would like to talk about clothing and protection for the warm and safe riding. When you are actively engaged in sports, in particular Snowkiting, your body removes moisture through sweat glands. Excess moisture should not interfere with your skin, in order to retain body heat and is not further warmed precipitated sweat. Therefore, the first layer of clothing on you should be dressed underwear. Typically, the market offers many models of thermal underwear. The choice as always highly individual. Try to draw on that when fitting thermal underwear, it should be on you like a second skin. Select a comparative with a choice of suit. Vendors will always offer you several options. Second layer on the body, we recommend you wear fleece jacket. Fleece has a low specific weight, very good saves heat removes moisture and is breathable properties. Even in the wet state retains insulating properties. Socks should also be able to divert moisture, so we recommend you pick yourself termonoski. Although comfort depends largely on the shoes. Many skiers and snowboarders know this outfit, and recognized its necessity. Has considered how to protect your body from injury. Protecting the back is necessary if you start doing tricks, jump. But the man who makes the first steps in this sport, the protection does not put exactly. And this paragraph relates to the category of mandatory availability. I know the kite coaches that do not allow their studies without the protection of the back. Pri fall she will protect your body from injury and mutilation. Would be the best protection in the form of a jacket with a few elements in all travmoopastnyh parts of the body. The spine, shoulders, elbows, chest and groin area. Also it is necessary to use protective shorts, knee pads and protection for the shin. We recommend that you do Snowkiting only using protection! Pants better choice in the form of overalls. If you snowboard, it is desirable presence on pants with an elastic cuff and a hook for mounting on a shoe lace. Good showing ski and snowboard sets of special clothes of famous brands. Also the jacket should be possible to attach to the pants of more elastic-cuff with buttons that in combination create a warm, dry and protect your body. Desired option for your clothing is ventilation. It will allow you to customize a comfortable temperature during skiing. The next step is selection of a trapezoid. When buying a trapeze it is absolutely necessary Meret. It should not hang on your belt. Trapezium are 2 types: sedentary and belt. Sit-trapezoid designed for learning and comfortable for riding long distances, but if you do freestyle and tricks, it’s up to waist trapeze. Learn more in sedentary trapeze, it is more comfortable and a little forgive you the wrong rack with skating. Waist greater for people who are beginning to play with gravity and make the rotation jumps. In it you can focus more on performing stunts and it gives more freedom in action. The most important element in our article is the helmet. Do not even think Snowkiting do without him! Pick up a helmet in a specialized store in accordance with your parameters. Do not try to save money on your health! If you already snowboard or ski, and you do not have a helmet, then before going to the store grab the points. You can try on a helmet directly with goggles. Points to acquire a better possibility to change lenses. Better use of lenses with ultraviolet light protection. If you are not comfortable to ride in the «light» glasses, replace the lens on the darker. In the evening the better use of yellow lenses. Use gloves with the possibility of ventilation. Prefer the gloves than mittens. Gloves give more control bar when you are driving with one hand, but they are more colder. Use the mask on the face. The mask will keep your skin and eliminate frostbite. Apply protective cream on his face before skating.

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