Before launching the kite for the first time, you must clearly understand the theory of the wind window and how it works. Wind window — a area where the kite is moving (flying) limited long lines kite. This ¼ sphere which is shown in the picture. The arrow marked behind the man, denotes the direction of the wind. Wind window is divided into 3 zones. Red denotes Power Zone (the center of the wind window), yellow — the working area and the green neutral zone. What are these zones? You must have a clear understanding of how what area works. For example, if the kite is flying in the red zone, it creates the maximum amount of traction and sometimes it is very dangerous, in the yellow (working) zone usually flies a kite with your movement and generates energy, which, allows you to move. The Green Zone is to prepare for skating. It kite creates the least amount of traction. She (green) zone is located along the edge of wind window. For easier understanding of the neutral zone compared to the clock face from 9 to 15 hours, respectively. The position of the kite at 12 o’clock is called «the zenith» and it is located vertically above the head of the rider. The faster the kite flying in the wind window, the more it creates thrust. Movement kite in the neutral zone should not be too fast, then the kite will create the least traction. For example raising the kite to the zenith, you can put on or remove the snowboard or skis. Do not translate kite sharply through the zenith. This could trigger a vertical thrust and lift you above the ground. Beginning classes are no ski gear, standing firmly on the ground and try to run and to plant a snake with the Assistant to the 9 or 15 hours. Translating the snake from the neutral zone in yellow and red zone snakes will begin to create thrust, sometimes excessive. It will be necessary to move. In light wind you need more control over the kite. For example when there is insufficient wind, the kite can fall down on the ground, if the wind it will be enough. At any position in the wind window, kite flying, and always strive for the green zone (the edge of wind window), but to fly it again, need the wind. When launching the kite, make sure that the zone of the wind window are not people, and foreign objects. Moving at high speed kite can cause injury and trauma dome and cut loops. Make sure that the people are above the wind from you. This is a very important moment in training and if you do not understand something, then read this again! Also wanted to add that each wind window «works» in different ways, with the advent of the experience you will understand this. For example if your movement of the wind window edge of change. It will vary depending on flight speed of the kite and therefore your speed. In the highlands because of the turbulence of the wind can vary by 180 degrees, respectively, change the wind window.

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