_MG_8346Before we begin our training I would like to say about the terminology kite equipment. Consider the example on Slingshot REV 2008 kite. Kite by lines attached to a control bar, rider controls the bar as flight a kite also power. Control bar is also equipped with a loop, called chickenloop, which joins the harness. Harness is a device that is attached to your body, like belt, to lift the load from your hands and be able to control the kite flight. It is equipped with a hook for attaching chikenloop. The control bar can slide on a front lines. This effect is called De-power and serves to control traction kite. Also, you can adjust the traction by using the trimmer De-Power. This is necessary, for example, when riding in strong wind or jumping after being removed from the hook harness (unhook).

Number line’s connection kite and controls bar on the type of kite and its design. For example: training kite connect by two lines or 4-6 for sport model. For ease of understanding where to attach the lines in the preparation for riding on the kite, they (lines) are painted in different colors. Example: the front and 5th-line has a gray and yellow color. Rear edge lines has color is red (left) and blue (right lines). Also in the disentangling lines on the snow, they are more visible, which simplifies the process of preparing for rideing. Lines attached to the kite through the loops.

Inflatable kites, as they are called «tube kites» need to inflate for giving flight shape before flight the kite. The big balloon kite, front (leading), supports the kite shape and creates a rigid arch. Transverse balloons attached to the wing stiffness. Foil kites do not have inflated parts in its design, shape  kite give system of air pockets, which is filled by the wind while flying a kite. The front, leading, edge of the kite is an open entry pockets to fill the air, and the rear side protection. Thus, the oncoming wind, not only allows the kite to fly, but keep the shape. Foil kites have a more complex system of dome lines, kite to save the profile and shape in flight. All modern kites are supplied with a safety system. Necessarily to read about how it working in your kite documentation.

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